Outscape II

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Sick Boy: [Sean Connery accent] Do you shee the beasht? Have you got it in your shights? 
Mark "Rent-boy" Renton: [aiming the pellet gun at a dog] Clear enough, Missh Moneypenny! This should preshent no shignificant problemsh! 
[shoots the dog which starts attacking its owner] 
Sick Boy: For a vegetarian, Rents, you're a fuckin' EVIL shot! 
Trainspotting movie quote

00:00:00 | Chlorophyl | MillionYoung
00:04:26 | Cosmonaut | MillionYoung
00:07:30 | Trainspotting | Trainspotting OST
00:17:43 | Galilean Moons | Teeel
00:21:13 | Hold Out | Washed Out
00:24:39 | Asleep At A Party | Memory Cassette
00:28:26 | Time For A Dreamer | Summer Heart
00:32:39 | VHS Sex | Com Truise
00:37:04 | Born Slippy | Trainspotting OST

By Sérgio Godinho
Photo from Trainspotting movie (Sick Boy's unifying theory of life)

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